Interactive CS11 Embryo Model


The model is high resolution. Please allow time for it to load.

        Key to anatomical regions

  • Optic vesicle
  • Otic vesicle
  • Neural tube
  • Trigeminal neural crest
  • Facial/vestibulocochlear neural crest
  • Glossopharyngeal neural crest
  • Vagus neural crest
  • Somites/dermatomes
  • Heart and aorta
  • Gastrointestinal tract
  • Mesonephros

Movies of CS11 embryos


The movies below show volume renders of OPT models. No staining has been used on any of the specimens and the images were captured using autofluorescence with a FITC filter.


CS11 N285 46XX
CS11 N662 46XX



Carnegie Stage 11 Definition

a 3D model of a human embryo, Carnegie stage 11


Age is approximately 24 postovulatory days

Length is approximately 1.5-5mm

External Features Include: the rostral is neuropore closing. Otic placodes are present. Optic vesicles formed. No limb buds present.