Interactive heart models


The 3D heart models below illustrate the early development of the human embryonic heart. Individual cardiac chambers and the lumen of blood vessels have been manually defined in 3D embryo models as follows: Aorta and pharyngeal arch arteries - dark red; Outflow tract - light purple; Pulmonary trunk (CS17) - sky blue; Ductus arteriosus (CS17) - dark purple; Common atrial chamber (CS11 and CS12) - bright pink; Left atrium - light red; Right atrium - light blue; Left ventricle - red; Right ventricle - blue; Epicardium - pale pink; Vena cava and sinus venosus - orange.

Interactive models are on the left with a movie of the same model within the body on the right. Click and hold to manipulate the interactive models. The mouse wheel can be used to zoom in and out.












The anatomical regions were defined by Marta Chroscik, Molly Healey, Ellie McCaffery and Robert Petecki in consultation with

Professor Deborah J. Henderson, Professor of Cardiac Development.


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