The development of the inner ear


The 3D models below illustrate the changing complexity of the inner ear between CS11 and CS22. Regions of the left ear have been defined as follows: otic pit (CS11) and vesicle, yellow, vestibulocochlear nerve (pink), vestibulocochlear ganglion (blue-green), endolymphatic sac and duct (green) and facial nerve (orange). 

From CS11 to CS13 the separate facial/vestibulocochlear nerve and ganglion cannot be distinguished in the models, and so have been combined and are shown as the same colour.

Interactive models, shown from the frontal view, are on the left with a movie of the same model on the right. Click and hold to manipulate the interactive models. The mouse wheel can be used to zoom in and out.



Anatomy defined by Ethan Camsey and Bethany Campbell.


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